• Natacha Mitrani - Cassy 2018

    Natacha Mitrani Play

  • Kimia Esfahani & Ayana O'Shun - LE MONDE MAGIQUE DE LORENZO

    Kimia Esfahani Play

  • Emilia Charron - Roselyne - Mehdi & Val


  • Brittany LeBorgne - Demo Reel 2018

    Brittany LeBorgne Play

  • Maria Herrera - Demo Reel 2017

    Maria Herrera Play

  • Stéphane Krau - Démo Reel 2018

    Stéphane Krau Play

  • Adam Reid - Demo Reel

    Adam Reid Play

  • Julien Irwin Dupuy - Demo 2018

    Julien Irwin Dupuy Play


Welcome to Bellini Talents

A Montreal Talent Agency

It all started in 1993 when Bellini International was set up to provide Montreal and its flourishing fashion industry with first rate modeling talent for packaging, print creative, fashion shows and fittings. As the years passed, the opportunity arose to expand our talent base and get involved in more than modeling.

The time had come for Bellini to put itself to the test and try its luck in the television and film industry. Our humble beginnings were not without their challenges but as we spent more and more time servicing this exceptional industry, we began to meet some of the most prominent industry leaders. As time progressed, we learnt from our own experiences and were proud when casting directors, nationwide, began to know us by name.

At Bellini International we strongly believe in the people we work for and the people we work with. Our mission is to work with people who are as passionate about what they do as we are.

What are we doing?

  • Movies - TV Series

    We have grown strong in both the English and French markets. We have worked with some of the best ...

  • TV Commercials

    SAAQ, McDonalds, Van Houtte, Wonder Bread, Brault and Martineau, Danone, Pepsi Max, Loto Québec ...

  • Printed Ads

    Wonder Bread, Desjardins, Via Rail, Naf Naf, Air Canada, National Bank, La Presse ...

  • Bellini Talents

    Over the years, we continue to work with UBISOFT for motion capture, Casting Directors all over Canada ...